Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

Maintaining the cleanliness of your facility is important in portraying a professional image of your company/property, as well as the health and morale of your employees/tenants. A regular professional maintenance should be practiced for your commercial space.

Like any home or office in Singapore, a factory also requires regular cleaning services in order to ensure that they remain as clean and tidy as possible. Safety is important in the upkeep of industrial properties. That is why industrial cleaning services are necessary to ensure that safety and cleanliness standards are met and maintained.

You can count on Allied Kinsmen for your commercial and industrial cleaning needs. Our span of knowledge and professionalism covers general and common areas, such as offices, shopping malls, hospitals and factories.

Our professional cleaners all have numerous years of experience providing cleaning services for organisations of all sizes, and working hard to ensure minimal disruption the process.

To schedule a visit from one of our staff or for more information about the range of services that we provide, speak to us today using our contact form.

Facilities we provide cleaning for:

  • Office spaces and commercial buildings
  • Industrial factories
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals

Residential Cleaning

Keeping surroundings clean in a common private property, such as condominiums and private facilities, can be time-consuming. However, the health and well-being of your residents will be compromised if the surrounding areas are not well taken care of. This is where our residential cleaning services come in to help.

You can count on Allied Kinsmen for your cleaning needs for your condominium. Our span of knowledge and professionalism covers general and common areas, such as life lobbies, corridors, activity halls and gyms.

Our professional cleaners all have numerous years of experience providing cleaning services for residential properties of all sizes, and ensuring minimal disturbance to your residents.

    Events and Ad-hoc Cleaning

    Whether it’s a corporate event, birthday party, concert, convention, sports tournament or a wedding ceremony, finding the perfect venue is always a challenge.

    In addition, the success of these events is also measured by the positive response of the event attendees, who will never fail to talk about the cleanliness of the venue. Untidy settings like dusty surroundings and smelly bathrooms can leave a bad impression for your event.

    This is why hiring a professional event cleaning service can help ensure that all guests remain comfortable and pleased with your event venue’s cleanliness.

    In addition, it is important for the host to clean up and return the event venue back to its original condition. By employing an event cleaning service provider, you can enjoy the absolute peace of mind that the professionals will take care of it.

    You can count on Allied Kinsmen for your event cleaning needs. Our professional cleaners all have many years of experience providing cleaning services for event spaces of all sizes and location, ensuring that the venue can be handed over in its original state.

      Stewarding and Kitchen Cleaning

      For food establishments, dishwashing and kitchen cleaning is a crucial part of your operations.

      Serving food on a dirty-looking plate is unappetising and unhygienic. In addition, hygiene and sanitation is not just limited to dishwashing. It also concerns the cleanliness of utensils and pots used to cook the food. Proper dishwashing eliminates germs, improves appetite of dinners and removes detergent residue on tableware.

      Besides dishwashing, our team of professional cleaners can help you to clean and degrease your kitchen equipment and flooring. A hygienic kitchen can help to prevent pests, such as rats and cockroaches, from spreading germs in your establishment.

      You should consider Allied Kinsmen to ensure the cleanliness of your food establishment is well taken care of.

        Home Cleaning

        Cleanliness at home is an important part of maintaining a stress-free state of mind. However, our busy schedules we have these days can make it difficult to find the time to clean your home. That is where Allied Kinsmen comes in. 

        We provide home cleaning services for HDB flats, condominiums and landed properties. Instead of spending time to clean up your home, you can instead come straight home after a long day of work and relax in fresh surroundings.

        Our professional cleaners will provide maintenance of your home, including hear-to-reach areas. Stop spending your precious time cleaning your home, and leave it to the professionals instead!

          Specialised Cleaning

          At Allied Kinsmen, we have many years of experience cleaning a variety of different properties, both commercial and residential.

          With that, we are able to offer specialised cleaning services in Singapore alongside our other general cleaning services, for those spaces that require a more comprehensive approach in order to produce the best results.

          We provide the following specialised cleaning services:

          • Carpet shampooing and upholstery
          • Windows cleaning
          • Floor polishing